You expect quality, precision and reliability. We use the appropriate technologies in order to meet your demands. We design your components with the most current CAD software, allowing us to develop components that are both functional and low-cost. We cut, shape, punch and bend materials with CNC machines, which are a combination of power and precision. Moreover, all of our processes are synchronised to perfection. We can thereby guarantee you consistent quality and on-time delivery in accordance with ISO 9001.

Surface treatments

In order to be able to offer you attractive design possibilities and protection for your property, we use high-quality surface treatments: wet painting and powder coating.

These environmentally-friendly and solvent-free methods are used on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic materials.


Welded structures are produced in-house corresponding to MAG, MIG and WIG metal construction procedures.

Production (welding) examples are, for instance, enclosures and coolers for wind power stations.

KUKA KR 6/2 welding robot

Bearing load: 6 kg
Additional load: 10 kg
No. of axes: 6
Repetition accuracy < +- 0,1 mm

Foam unit - polyurethane and isocyanate system

In order to guarantee outstanding thermal insulating properties, we use two modern foam units to manufacture insulating materials. The PUR rigid foams are extremely versatile due to their optimal insulating properties. Ask us!

Technical data:


Type: A COMPACT 20 FC.Type: A COMPACT 100
N°: 271651N°: 291515
400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
36 Amp | 20.6 kW80 Amp | 45 kW
Year of manufacture 2004Year of manufacture 2004

Climate test laboratory

At our certified test laboratory, we offer you a wide range of testing options as well as consultations and training sessions concerning all things related to commercial refrigeration and heating units.You receive more information here.

FARO – gauge arm

The Faro gauge arm was developed for precise measurements and reviews of complex features and quality specifications on the basis of 3D measurement data. The KUBB GmbH uses this technology in part to measure typical weldments, punching and bending parts, as well as for tests on prototypes.

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