Climate test laboratory

In our modern climate laboratories, we test for our costumer refrigeration plants and test climate performances for sensitive construction elements an assemblies.

Overview of climate laboratory data

Test laboratory 1Test laboratory 2
Interior dimensions LxWxH [m]8.4 x 5.8 x 2.710.6 x 6.9 x 2.8
Measurement of refrigerant mass flowin the liquid linein the liquid and suction gas line
No. of measurement lines2 lines2 lines
Cold supply Compound refrigeration systemCompound refrigeration system
Refrigerant NK testsR 404A. R 134aR 404A. R134a
Refrigerant TK testsR 404AR 404A
Compressor output parametert0 -10 °C = 13 kWt0 -10 °C = 95 kW
Data collection and analysis

Refrigerating capacity, electric capacity, light, humidity, core temperatures, dehumidification, condensation, measuring kit for temperatures, air temperatures, air velocity, energy consumption of the refrigeration and freezer units DEC. Energy consumption of REC refrigeration unit. Condensation and other parameters as per the customers' wishes.

Standard test as per DIN EN ISO 23953

  • tests at two independent test laboratories
  • controllable integrated production facility
  • Data recording and archiving for 112 measurement sites
  • Tests for climate classes 1-6 are possible
  • Environmental conditions max. 36°C with 90% humidity
  • Analysis and optimisation of the refrigeration units in regards to compliance with temperatures and energy conservation

Tests for customised standards

  • assistance with optimisation/ energy optimisation
  • energy measurements (compilation/ calculation of REC/ TEC/ DEC values)
  • temperature measurements
  • temperature distribution assessments
  • customised tests under market conditions with actual goods or dummies
  • assistance with conformity assessments
  • Review of cleaning instructions

Comperative tests

  • independent test
  • different makes
  • discrete selection consultancy with due regards to the specific operating conditions

Consulations and training sessions

  • for manufacturers
  • for operators
  • for improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration units
  • for adherence to hygiene regulations
  • for designing refrigeration units
  • for connecting, operating and the maintenance of refrigeration units

What you can except from us

  • competence, longstanding experience and sufficient capacities for independent tests, evaluations and consultations
  • execution of tests in the normal refrigeration and freezer sector
  • tests of refrigeration units on the main network (R404A and R134a refrigerants) as well as of ready-to-plug-in units
  • tests with normal loading and
  • tests on real goods with commercial loading
  • extreme discretion when conducting comparative tests with a non-disclosure agreement
  • construction of prototypes
  • generation of realistic test documentations as per customer requirements
  • measurement of mass flow in suction gas and liquid lines
  • parallel tests on 2 refrigeration units with a total length of up to 7.6m (2x 3.8m)
  • structural analyses

Refrigeration and install units