System Components

The individual components in a lift shaft must synchronise perfectly. After all, they are assembled in the narrowest of spaces and ensure the safety, and thereby the life, of the passengers. For this reason, we custom-produce the shaft structures for each individual lift. We have the highest quality and precision demands, so that each element interacts smoothly.

Selection of available elements

  • safety frame
  • counterweight frame
  • rail bracket
  • engine frame
  • roller scaffolds
  • pit base units
  • mobile buffer supports
  • shaft casing
  • guide rails
  • shaft partitioning
  • partitioning cross bars
  • return pulley system
  • rope endpoints
  • equipment for optimal assembly

Design options

  • coating in RAL and DB tones
  • powerful anticorrosive as per C4 (i.e. power stations, chemical plants, ship lifts)
  • hot-dip galvanised surface incl. pulleys, guides, safety gear, vibration isolation, load measurement
  • building-related custom solutions for low shaft pits and shaft heads
  • holding devices

Storage, commissioning, transportation

  • storage of the components (i.e. doors, construction kits, engines, tables,…)  ordered from all over the world
  • project-based commissioning
  • on-schedule, consolidated shipment to your construction site

Picture gallery system components