Door frame and entrance

You enter the elevator through the portal. This crossing must be designed with care, since it combines the roughness of the building with the precise mechanic of the lift. We measure both the portal and the frames, with which the brickwork is covered, on location with extremely precise laser measuring instruments.

We then design and produce individual parts with this information, and adapt these exactly to the building.

The portals can be created to reflect your ideas: you have the vision - we have the professionals and the tools.

Colours and materials

  • glass or Plexiglas portals
  • stainless steel portals
  • coloured sheet metal
  • natural stone
  • special geometric elements
  • edging around the operating and display console
  • indirect lighting
  • and much more

Construction options

  • frames that incorporate the brickwork
  • flat steel frames
  • glass frames
  • glass portals with substructures

Design options

  • colour-coated glass
  • backlit - steel coated
  • stainless steel
  • colour-anodised aluminium
  • with V-cut technology


  • on-site measurements
  • construction
  • production
  • assembly

Picture gallery door frames and entrances